About Bigfoot Training Academy


Leslie C Toole

Director / Lead Trainer

30 years of traing athletes in football, basketball, baseball/softball,  Ran numerous camps around the country.

  • Skill Training

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Affordable

  • Performance Growth

Bigfoot Training Academy is open year-around to assist with the skill development of players.  We offer a broad spectrum of skill development while also addressing individual needs  of players.

Our monthly membership plan makes our various training programs reasonable to those seeking full time training assistance.  We also offer several ancillary services in-house that promote exposure. (Some of these services may incur an additional cost.)

Teaching Technique:

At Bigfoot Training Academy, we teach athletes using a Stair Step Method - this affords us the ability to build on top of skills; giving athletes the maximum opportunity to develop good habits.

Additionally, with a background in education, we also integrate all three primary learning methods (Auditory, Visual and Kinetic).  This gives us a great advantage in reaching the athlete's primary learning method while increasing growth in secondary learning methods.